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Communist Politicians

3. Lenin

(Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov; 1870-1924, The leader of the Russian Revolution, the October 1917 revolution, Chairman of The People's Commissariat.)

Re-arrange everything in Communist countries as soon as possible.

It is proper if you define me as blind because I insisted that only things we can see exist. My only hope is that all Communists on Earth come to know Godism as soon as possible. After a long interval, I recognized that I was dead and existing in the world of life after death. That was because I couldn't distinguish between life on the Earth and in the spirit world. What kind of place is this? Life here in some ways cannot be distinguished from life on the Earth. For me, who believed that there would be nothing after death, the situation here was very confusing.

But I knew nothing about the eternal spirit. The more I experienced the spirit world, the more I was filled with regret. I live here with the mind of a beggar, drawn into a miasma of countless conflicts. It is natural that Communist countries die out. I had already concluded that somebody would bring down Communist countries on the Earth. I came to know a tremendous truth here.

Dr. Lee, who was taught by Reverend Moon on the Earth, taught me Unification Thought and the Divine Principle perspective on the cosmos, the world and the shape of future. Because I had lived in a state of confusion for such a long time, I felt pain even as I learned that. No one can accept my stance as a rebel against God. My selfishness and ignorance on the Earth made me like this. But recognizing the truth is ultimately better than forever enduring the pain brought on by ignorance.

God certainly exists. He exists as the Parent of humankind. In spite of that, I put myself on the vanguard of Communist revolution with a sword in my hands, shouting out that there are no parents. I made their hearts ache. I hope all the Communists on the Earth clearly and seriously remember my experience.

Dr. Lee told me that he had no way but to abandon the position of a physician when he learned the Divine Principle brought to light by Reverend Moon and was released from all the problems of his life. Dr. Lee lectured on the Divine Principle only for me many times and he counseled me directly. One day I felt intolerable suffering in my heart from what I had learned in the Divine Principle. To rid myself of the pain, I was walking around. Then I saw an old woman suddenly fall down in front of me. She was bleeding, with her hands grasping a knife stuck in her breast. It occurred to me that I wanted to do something good, so I extended my hands to her and tried to pull out the knife. Suddenly I heard a fearful voice. I, God, am still alive. You are my child. Only the voice was left and the old woman disappeared. My ears were stunned.

I announce to Communists: God, Jehovah, certainly exists and He is the Parent of humankind. The Communist counties will perish without fail. The ideal of Communism will be realized by its being engrafted upon Unification Thought. The important thing is to not be an un-filial child. We are blessed by attending our physical parents, so what can we expect of the people who don't know the way to attend God, the Cosmic Parents? Their fate can be nothing other than a sorrowful death. If you can't believe my words, look at the harmony of nature. Though God is the Creator of nature, how much sincerity do we human beings offer Him? We must know for a surety that humankind has been created as the children of God. I made up my mind to keep my position as a child of God, even though I have such a big deficiency. I have an earnest request for you. There is only one way for Communist countries to live and that is to follow Reverend Moon's guidance. Please study the Divine Principle in detail. Please receive the thought of Reverend Moon and study it deeply. If you do so, you will attend God more truly than the thinkers or politicians of the Free World. This is the only way to live truly. If you follow my words, it will release me from unimaginable suffering and agony. I beg this of you. Communist countries must re-arrange everything as soon as possible. I met God. The spirit doesn't die, but lives. This is my last wish, given in blood from the world of Heaven. God is alive. God is the Parent of humankind.

Lenin, April 19, 2002.

4. Stalin

(Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili Stalin, 1879-1953, Lenin's successor, who communized Russia.)

You must know, believe and attend God.

We live only once on the Earth and in one unique historical period. I was a dictator and a madman. It would have been better had my life on Earth not existed. This is my story in a nutshell. Even after studying Unification Thought and the Divine Principle, I have not found a way to indemnify my sin. The Divine Principle brings me into terrible agony. I have no intention of denying the Divine Principle, but because there is no way to save me, I am very sad and in pain.

But I am glad to be given this chance to inform the people on the Earth about the reality of the spirit world. I like to tell this to all the Communists on the Earth and appeal to them. Friends in Communist countries, I am Stalin. You have had wrong thinking. As the way you are going is not the way you should go, you must turn to the right path as soon as possible. We Communists lived courageously according to our beliefs, but why could we not control the time of our death? A human being consists of two parts, the physical life and the spiritual life. There is no exception to the rule that all physical bodies die and all spirits go to the eternal world.

One's life on the Earth determines the place one will live in the Heavenly world. Our beliefs are wrong. The worst of it is that we deny and ignore God, who is the origin of the cosmos. Though we are incomplete existences, who know neither the origin nor the destiny of our lives, we shout out loudly that God, the origin of all things, doesn't exist. I suffer with pain here because my life was like that on the Earth. I can't stand this pain.

The God we denied is the Parent of humankind. God is not a theological existence, but is our Parent. How foolish we have been! I am Stalin. You have seen people attending God and celebrating Christmas in your countries. You must have laughed at them, thinking they are weak.

But those at whom we laughed live well in this world. It is certain that they didn't go to Hell. When we laughed at them, they and God loved us. We live in the bottom of Hell here. Do you understand what it means? People here don't treat each other as human beings, but as material. If there were any means to rid myself of this pain, I would do it. The place one dwells in the spirit world cannot be decided by power, honor or gold. It is decided by the sincerity of your life on the Earth. First, know and believe God and attend Him. Second, completely clarify your way of life.

Dr. Lee told me that God forgives everything, as He is the Parent of humankind, but I am still in pain, so I know that I haven't been released yet. Please receive the will of Reverend Moon completely, open your minds and build churches for the worship of God and hold worship services. Reverend Moon reflects the image of God, even though he is a man, and he is struggling intensely to save Communist countries. His thought is messianic, especially for the Communist countries. You must receive his ideology of peace immediately. Because God is alive, only attending God will save the Communist countries.

Friends, please save me. Please liberate me. When your way of life changes according to the teaching of Godism, I will be liberated in the spirit world. God certainly exists. And life in the spirit world is eternal. My heart longs for release from Hell. I, the dictator who denied God, cry out to all the Communist countries on the Earth. Please believe in God and seek for Him. I beg of you for that from the spirit world.

Stalin, April 19, 2002.

5. Leon Trotsky

(1879-1940, a successor of Lenin, defeated by Stalin in the struggle for succession. An assassin sent by Stalin killed him while in exile in Mexico.)

I want to burn up atheistic materialism completely.

I know that the Divine Principle is God's truth that is brought to light by Reverend Moon through revelation. But even before I learned Unification Thought and the Divine Principle, I realized I had lived wrongly. From the moment I realized that I was in the spirit world, I repented of my life on the Earth. If there is nothing after death, man is no different from animals.

My life on the Earth was not that of a man, but of a cow or pig. Please realize that I compared myself with animals. How comfortable animals must be without self-consciousness! I didn't know God. I didn't deny God, but I didn't think about nor feel agony about God or spiritual matters. But my spirit certainly is alive here, so I can't help thinking on it.

How can I clarify my sin? I lived as a leader of Communists standing for atheism. To find the way is very difficult. Thinking about my spiritual life, I like to burn up atheistic materialism completely, not even by Unification Thought or the Divine Principle. I have been regretting my life on the Earth in misery and extreme sorrow. I even envy animals, which don't entertain thoughts.

Please forgive me, God. I lived a wrongful life on the Earth. God is the Parent of humankind. Can you forgive my extremely un-filial behavior? Reverend Moon, True Parents of humankind and Father of humankind! Please save the Communist countries! And please teach Godism to them thoroughly. I will lay the indemnity conditions for my sinful life. I thoroughly believe God clearly exists and is the Parent of humankind.

Trotsky, April 19, 2002.

6. Nikita Khrushchev

(1894 -1971, a chief secretary of the Russian Communist Party; criticized Stalin.)

The Communist countries will perish without fail.

People in the Communist countries lived their lives thinking that there is nothing after death. I lived my life like that, too. But when I look at myself in the spirit world, I feel weary. There is no meaning to regretting my life on the Earth, but I feel thoroughly that it was not a truly human life. I feel that I should disappear to a place where nobody can go for a long time.

God actually exists. I can't understand why human beings do not treat each other as human, or why they don't reflect upon their human shape in the mirror, in spite of the fact that they are God's creation. Even God longs for human beings to realize His ideal existence as the Creator. I realized that Communism is a very fearful thought after I got here. Many intellectuals influenced by Communism must change their atheistic way of thinking as soon as possible when they arrive here, as they see that their lives are reported on here.

If you can't believe it, think over the way human beings are built. Human beings have dual characteristics. They have mind and body. The order of the mind is different from that of body. It is a fact that there is a spirit world where the mind can live. God is the master of the mind, and He has been the Parent of humankind from the beginning, and we have been His children. If you ignore this, thinking it unreasonable, you will inevitably become a sad, miserable and suffering spirit like us. It's up to you. But Communist countries will perish without fail. They won't just perish, but miserably perish. That is because God exists and He is the Parent of humankind. It is very natural for Communism, which denies God's existence and treats humankind as material, to perish.

Communists on the Earth: please look at the lives of Christians. God is there and feels pain in His heart looking at His children who follow the Communist paradigm and live without knowing their parents. You must prepare to live attending God as soon as possible. The Communist countries on the Earth will perish. I found this fact thoroughly confirmed here in the spirit world. Reverend Moon on the Earth is the one whom God sent to save Communists, and he is the Messiah and True Parents.

The Communist countries will revive by learning his thought and being guided by him. Please change your way of life to that of Godism. Abandon the Communist way of thinking. If you go on, not only your lives on the Earth will end, but also your spiritual life will thoroughly collapse. There is no way to live under Communism. God exists and the spirit world certainly exists. I truly like to appeal from the spirit world for the Communist countries to change direction.

Khrushchev, April 19, 2002.

7. Leonid Brezhnev

(1906-1982, a chief secretary of the Russian Communist Party; a Communist of the Stalinist type.)

When Communist countries receive Godism, they will revive.

I'm grateful that I, who couldn't treat humankind according to our real value, was forgiven so that I can be included among the people. I'm also grateful that I was given a chance like this. Members and followers of the Communist Party, politicians, thinkers in Communist countries! I like to tell you from the spirit world of the wrongness of my life on the Earth. Please receive this seriously and clarify the priorities in your lives as soon as possible.

I didn't know of God's existence, nor did I recognize Him. I treated His children as if they were animals. I can't escape from my sin and the punishment that it brings. As I treated precious human beings as animals, I live here in a zoo. Do you understand what it means? Only animals live in a zoo. I live with them. Though my form is that of a human being with five senses, I live like an animal, eating with animals. Can you imagine how I feel?

Friends, God exists. All human beings are His precious children. And the physical body is necessary only on the Earth. Death is not the end of life, but there is the spirit world where the spirits of humankind live. Nobody interferes here in the spirit world. And one's position here is decided by the quality of one's life on the Earth.

Friends! I want to live with people. Trying to live with animals, I crawled on my hands and feet as an animal does. I was so lonely that I wanted to be friends with animals. So I tried to eat as an animal does instead of with my hands. I can describe my life here. When I was on the Earth, I insisted that God doesn't exist and I couldn't exhibit an authentic human nature. But if I correct your life on Earth by informing you of the facts here, then I can live with human beings here.

Friends! Communists place themselves under God's curse. Please leave it behind as soon as possible. You will perish if you don't. I checked out the facts thoroughly. I can be released after you change and center your lives on God. Friends! Don't be miserable like me. Please escape from your old lives now. You must live where people live even if it gives you a lot of difficulties. That is what I wish most.

Friends! This is the last favor I request. You must know clearly that God is the Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon has appeared on the Earth in order to save Communist countries with the mission of True Parents. God sent him and he is the Messiah for those suffering under Communism. You can live by following him and receiving guidance from him. Communist countries must apply Unification Thought and the Divine Principle in their organization. This is the only way your governments can be revived. If not, they will perish; not just perish, but die a miserable death. This is my serious cry from the spirit world. Please change your way of thinking to that of Godism as soon as possible.

Brezhnev, April 20, 2002.

8. Yuri Andropov

(1914-1984, a chief secretary of the Russian Communist Party, who struggled with Ronald Reagan.)

Communism is in serious rebellion against God.

It is clear that God created man as His child and so man is the fruit of the sincerity and highest intellect of God. I couldn't live as a human being on the Earth. I committed a terrible sin in front of God, the Parent. I committed a cruel act when I was on the verge of coming to the spirit world from the Earth in order to avoid death. I was so cruel that I ate the liver of living man to save my own life. But nonetheless I came to the spirit world just as other people do. I found that death is not the end of everything, but that spirit world actually exists. Can you imagine what kind of punishment I endure here? I live in a stable and eat nothing but dog intestines. That is my life. It was not God who gave me this punishment. I put myself here.

Friends! I know you can't understand life in the spirit world. It is certain that there is a spirit world where our spirits live, and that God exists. I am revealing my cruel life to the public in order to be released from here. If Communism exists on the Earth, world peace will never come to pass. Communism and its ideology are in rebellion against God. So you will perish if you don't change to Godism. You don't just perish, but die a miserable death.

There is no way for me to escape from this place even though I make much effort to do so. Communism must fall. You must remember that. And you must study Unification Thought and the Divine Principle and receive Reverend Moon's guidance on the Earth. This is the only way that Communist countries can live. Change your way before you perish miserably. Renew all your organizations through Godism. If you don't want to be in the same place as my spirit here, change as soon as possible.

There is no getting around the Heavenly rule. The disaster spread by Communism will appear just as it is. Do you think God wants humanity to perish? God is love and He is the Parent of humankind. Remember this profoundly and change everything as soon as possible.

Andropov, April 20, 2002.

9. Constantin Chernenko

(1911-1995, the Chief Secretary of the Russian Communist Party for 13 months.)

Take the side of the Unification movement centering on Godism.

I'm very grateful that I, who am suitable to be treated as a sinner, am being treated as a man. I certainly live and move here. I committed a big sin on the Earth, thinking that there would be nothing after death. I severely profaned God, our Creator.

I realized that I had lived wrongly before I studied Unification Thought and the Divine Principle, because I actually experienced that the invisible world exists. Though I denied the existence of God while I was on the Earth, I couldn't help but experience His existence keenly. Even though I couldn't feel God with my five senses, I felt my status as an abject sinner and an offender every day. I lived in fear and anxiety, as if God's curse might strike me in the dark. Then I felt even more suffering by learning Unification Thought and the Divine Principle. That was the whip of God's curse. And the Communists bring the curse upon themselves. I am suffering as I hear the painful sound, the Communist Party will perish. This voice is so loud that it might split my eardrums.

Friends in the Communist Party! I am struggling and suffering under the curse I brought upon myself in the spirit world. Friends, please go the right way, correcting your mind. God is the Parent of humankind. As Reverend Moon on the Earth is making effort to save Communist countries with love and sincerity, and as he brought to light the Divine Principle and was named True Parents by God, please receive his guidance. He teaches that the Communist Party will eventually perish.

The Communists bring a curse upon themselves. Go the right way as soon as possible. Please study under Reverend Moon. The Russian Communist leaders are wandering here under their own curse. Participate in the Unification movement centering on Godism, which allows you to escape from the curse. Remember this. Chernenko, April 20, 2002.

10. Mao Tse Tung

(1893-1976, built the socialist society in China.)

I will thoroughly apply Godism in my life.

If I could only return to the Earth, I would live as a true man. If there were somewhere invisible, I would hide myself there. I wished to have my followers worship me rather than God. I longed for them to worship me rather than God, even if He exists. How could a man such as me stand as a god with my mouth?

The four great saints tried to comfort me, telling me that God, as the Parent of humankind, forgives everything. Introducing Unification Thought and the Divine Principle, they kindly explained the mental suffering they endured until they unified in every respect. It was a very short period, but I was treated as a man. I would like to tell clearly to all the Christians and Communists on the Earth how I live here. I lived under an old tree, because everybody hated me. It was the only place I could hide. I lived under the old tree avoiding the hot and cold weather. I bet you can imagine the shape I was in. I feel liberated now that I have honestly talked to you.

My fiends and all people! Human beings will perish if they do not follow Godism. God exists and the spirit world clearly exists. Reverend Moon, True Parents, who illuminated the truth that God is the Parent of humankind, please save our Communist people. Thank you for the hard work and love you invest to save humankind by God's special order. As I am saved, I will live thoroughly according to Godism. Thank you. Mao Tse Tung, April 20, 2002.*

* Message from Dr. Lee:

The four great saints and the leaders of the five major religions, who learned Divine Principle, visit the Communist leaders directly and ask them actively to participate in the seminar. Mohammed displays enthusiasm, lectures the Divine Principle, and helps me a lot. The reporter, Young Soon Kim.

11. Chen Du Xiu

(1879-1942, organized the Chinese Communist Party.)

I was reborn by receiving True Parents' thought and Godism.

I was blinded by honor and power when I was on the Earth. I had no idea about the spirit world. I mocked God's existence. That was the entire result of my life on the Earth. The greatness of humankind is that God created us and that there is the spirit world. In spite of the reality that we are created to seek the value of humankind from that perspective, why couldn't I do so? Why was I so attracted to materialism and the temporal life?

Nobody here tells me where to stay or to go. But I can't be where I want to be. I wander around like a gypsy. I live with the fear of being found out for what I am. But one day a monk passing by told me that God exists. It was a strange relationship. I was glad that the monk believes in God and participated in this seminar. Is there another place like this? Everything is beautiful here. Who made everything peaceful, mild, clean and brilliant like this? The four great saints and the leaders of many religions gather there, help and respect each other, and read each other's mind by the look in their eyes and their facial expression.

The lecturers were teaching what they call the Divine Principle sincerely, purely and in detail. I could find no selfish desire in them. I compared my life with theirs. My being was filthy with repentance, regret and grief. I don't know for whom they presented the lecture, but it continued enthusiastically and went on and on. The four great saints comforted and encouraged the listeners. It is likely that the place with these characteristics is Paradise.

I could read through the expression on their faces that they kindly wished me to live with them there. I felt warmth melting my whole body before listening to the Divine Principle. I put aside everything. The fear of exposing what I am disappeared. I could feel that everything is new. I made up my mind to live here by disposing of my baggage of sin and repenting of every instance in which I mocked God.

The fact that Communism will perish is known throughout the cosmos. Reverend Moon, you who unified the four great saints, I will follow you. I will receive the thought of True Parents and will be reborn through Godism.

Chen Du Xiu, April 20, 2002.

12. Liu Shao Qi

(1898-1969; the Chairman of Chinese Communist Party.)

Peace among men will be realized only if Communism disappears from the Earth.

How could I fail to realize that I lived wrongly on the Earth and that the spirit world is arranged so perfectly? This place has nothing to do with Earthly power, honor or wealth; these hold no sway as they do on the Earth. I was overly devoted to holding power on the Earth. My eyes were my downfall. It is time to reveal my reality to the world, but I hate this to be known.

I live here without any clothes. I could hide my lower parts, but if I do, countless people rush to me and expose what I am trying to hide. That is because I used my lower parts for my pleasure. I used my power to get all kinds of women. There is no one to stop people exposing me. People on the Earth cannot understand life here. You can never understand.

I have something I want to tell the people on the Earth. The spirit world certainly exists. You will be punished if you commit sin on the Earth. This is the rule. You can say that I am crazy because I tell of my life here, which is nothing to be proud of, but I do it for the sake of gaining my life. Don't believe in power, as I did.

God gave me the chance to save Communists by coming here and listening to the Divine Principle lectures. As I confess my sin, I like to tell you not to repeat the deeds I committed. The followers of Communism must change their way of thinking and consciousness structure.

Communism will perish. God clearly exists and He is the Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon has promulgated this education on the Earth for the sake of saving Communist countries. Follow his direction and discuss everything with him. As he is the True Parents, he loves all humankind. Only if you follow his guidance, can you find the way to live.

World peace among all men will be realized only if Communism disappears from the Earth. Remember my words. God exists and so does the invisible world. Study the Divine Principle. I truly beg this of you.

Liu Shao Qi, April 21, 2002.

13. Zhou En Lai

(1898-1976, the Prime Minister of the Chinese Communist Party.)

Communism is not the truth.

I was thinking I was punished for not believing in but even at the same time not ignoring God. Under God's curse, I was unable to speak, but now I am blessed to be able to speak, and I'm grateful for that.

I shouted out loudly that God doesn't exist, but there was always fear and anxiety in my mind. I thought, `Is it true that God doesn't exist?' This was the voice of my mind that didn't want to betray God. Power and the honor were needed only for short time on the Earth. But I lived ignoring the impact it would have for me in the spirit world.

The pain that I felt as a mute here was serious. Many times people misunderstood me and hit me because I couldn't express myself. I was always lonely, too. How good it would have been were the power and the honor I enjoyed on the Earth effective here, too!

Friends of the Communist Party! Heaven punished me for betraying God. God did not give the curse and the punishment. One goes the way one must by oneself. I don't think I can make you understand the true situation here. I like to give my last wish to you members of the Communist Party. Remember nothing but this. God exists. He exists as the Parent of humankind. I like to ask of you a favor from the spirit world. The spirit world certainly exists. What you must especially remember is to be guided by Reverend Moon on the Earth.

Members of the Communist Party! You can live only if you abandon atheistic materialism with all haste. That belief system makes not only the body die, but also the spirit. If you don't abandon it, you will suffer in a miserable realm of spirit world. As Reverend Moon is the Messiah, the True Parents and the teacher of humankind sent to save Communist countries in this age, please follow Him immediately. He is very old now. I ask you to do this from Heaven. The one who commits sin will be punished. God is the Parent of humankind, and humankind is His children and brothers and sisters to each other. Communism will perish, because it is not the truth. Zhou En Lai, April 21, 2002.

14. Deng Xiao Ping

(1902-1997, the Chairman of Chinese Communist Party.)

Communism leads humankind in the wrong direction.

Thanks be to God for forgiving the one who committed sin. Thank you Reverend Moon for working hard to save those in Hell and the Communist bloc. I participated here earnestly longing for the members of the Communist Party to make a new start.

When I came here from the Earth, scores of angels guided me. I felt as if they were leading me. Being led by them, I really felt that my power was of no use. They disappeared, depositing me in this place without a single word

There was nobody here and nothing but a swampy ditch. I wondered where I was. I looked around, but I couldn't find anyone. There was nothing but the swamp. I couldn't leave. It was a fearful place and the swamp seemed to be ready to swallow me if I moved the slightest bit. I was hungry and it was cold at times and hot at other times. Sometimes the darness turned into a storm. There was the sound of unlimited loneliness and anxiety in my mind. If a man commits a sin, he will be punished.

Where was it? It was the place the spirits live. I wandered in this pain, loneliness and anxiety for many days. Then one day there appeared my Messiah. He was the one Jesus sent to retrieve me. Following his invitation, I came to listen to a very precious lecture. It was on Unification Thought and the Divine Principle. I was beside myself. The lectures told me that Reverend Moon is the Messiah of humankind and that God is the Parent of humankind, and that he is working so hard to save Communist countries. It shocked me and made my heart sorely ache.

I lived a very harsh life here, staying away from God in a place that has nothing to do with Him, not attending Him. I understand now the effects of love, respect, faith and sincerity. And I think I know why all the religions have become one as brothers and sisters.

Friends in the Communist Party! The word that followed me was one that made God's heart bleed. I now know that I was a terrible sinner. Reverend Moon is the one who brought to light Unification Thought and the Divine Principle, and he is the father of humankind named as True Parent by God. Follow him and be guided by him. Communism has misled humankind. God exists as the Parent of humankind. We all became rebels against God. The spirits are destined to live here in the spirit world. There is no way for Communists to live, but by following Reverend Moon's guidance. This is my earnest wish and appeal. Now that I have been released from the dank swamp, I will attend God and live earnestly.

Deng Xiao Ping, April 21, 2002.

15. Georgy Maksimilianovich Malenkov

(1902-1988, a successor of Stalin.)

How can a man live without following the way of Heaven?

God certainly exists. I haven't seen Him directly, yet, but I came here and I know He exists and that there is a place where the spirits live. I saw how Stalin lived and I realized that if a man lives a wrongful life on the Earth, he will be punished. That is the way of Heaven. I learned the Divine Principle from Mohammed first, and then participated in this seminar. I can speak; I even have a mouth.

Friends of the Communist Party! I'm in the spirit world. You must realize that you have lived in the wrong way until now. God truly exists. It is difficult to escape existence in Hell after having lived according to the Communist way of thinking. God is the only way you can live. This is my last wish.

Reverend Moon, who brought to light the Divine Principle, is the one God sent to save Communist countries, and he is True Parents of humankind. If you receive his guidance, you can know the truth about life in the spirit world. Please be guided by him. I beg this of you. I pray for God. I pray so that God can forgive the wrongdoing of my past and that He can save the Communist countries. I'd like to thank Reverend Moon.

Malenkov, April 21, 2002.

16. Erich Honecker

(1912-1994, ordered the building of the Berlin Wall, assumed the chairmanship of the East German Communist Party August 31, 1961.)

Well manage a new life centering on Godism.

After pounding a nail into God's heart, I stood here in spite of building the Berlin Wall. Friends of Communism! Communist countries will perish. You must renew your way of thinking by seeing the lives of the Russian and Chinese Communist leaders here. How could these things be worked out except by God's great power?

Friends! Power, honor and material things have less value than garbage here. They are totally useless. You must remember this. God exists. God is the Parent of humankind. And the spirit world exists. If you live rightly, you will live in a good place here, but if you do not, you will be punished. Do the Communist leaders live in good places? Or do they live in Hell as their punishment? That is up to you. But please remember to receive the guidance of Reverend Moon on the Earth. He is the Messiah for Communist countries. You will live if you follow him, but absolutely perish if you don't. He brought the four great saints and major religions into oneness centering on the Divine Principle. I will manage a new life here centering on Godism.

Honecker, April 21, 2002.

17. Janos Kadar

(1912-1989, the last Communist leader over the Hungarian Communist government.)

Godism is the only thought suitable for humankind's world of eternal peace.

I'm repenting thoroughly for having lived wrongly, depending upon my individual power and denying God. Even though we can't see God here, nobody denies Him. I am the same. I realized anew that God is the Parent of humankind through Divine Principle. Even before I studied it, I could know God's existence and felt suffering in my mind for quite a while. I will live attending God as my parents. I will live attending and believing Reverend Moon, True Parents on Earth. My last word is that Communism will perish and that the only way for it to live on is to change it into Godism. Godism is the only thought that can lead to eternal peace.

J. Kadar, April 22, 2002.

18. Matyas Rakosi

(1892-1971, the founding leader of the Hungarian People's Republic.)

There is hope only if you receive True Parents thought.

My ignorance, thinking that I could live forever on the basis of my Earthly power and honor, led to me being punished here in this place. I, a man, must seek out the feed of animals here. I have not enough time. Communist friends! God exists. The Communist parties are perishing. Change your ways. Reverend Moon on the Earth is True Parents and He teaches Unification Thought and the Divine Principle in order to save Communist countries. You can find the method to solve all the problems of Communism by his guidance. Please believe him and be guided by him. You will perish miserably if you remain as you are. Remember this.

Rakosi, April 22, 2002.

19. Klement Gottwald

(1896-1953; established the Communist government in Czechoslovakia.)

Communism is wrong.

Most of you Communists know that materialism and the Communist worldview are wrong. You lived like gods with your power and your organizations, denying the spirit and God. But if you have a spirit, then there must be a spirit world, and there must certainly be God, who manages this world.

Because this is a good chance to liberate the Communist bloc, I participated here without a trace of shame. Unification Thought and the Divine Principle are the great truths. We recognized that we lived wrongly on the Earth. I will repent for my wrong past in front of God and realize that God is the Parent of humankind. True Parents on the Earth are trying to liberate the Communist countries. Communism is a misguided, error-filled philosophy. Godism is rising as the central thought of humankind. Humankind must live as brothers and sisters attending God. Reverend Moon, True Parents, thank you very much.

Gottwald, April 22, 2002.

20. Antonin Novotny

(1904-1975, a successor of Gottwald.)

Communism is a twisted view of the universe and of humankind.

Communism will perish. It must disappear from the Earth. In spite of God's holy presence, it denies His existence. It ruined man, turning him into a merely material existence. God is not only for Christians but also for all people. Communism is a twisted view of the universe and of humankind. A golden opportunity has come to liberate Communism. Communism must be engrafted with Reverend Moon's Unification Thought and Divine Principle. I realized this by learning Unification Thought and Divine Principle. God sent Reverend Moon to change Communism into Godism. We must not miss this chance. The chance will appear only once. I tell you this message after studying the reality of the spirit world. Think long and hard, remembering this point.

Novotny, April 22, 2002.

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